What Happens When You Mix and Match DRAM?

Can you mix and match DRAM with different generations, speed, latency, voltage, or manufacturers?

PC Building Basics: 3 Computer Upgrade Tips for Beginners

For those of us who are less than tech inclined, the prospect of cracking open an expensive computer can be an intimidating challenge.

Ballistix scores third DDR4 overclocking world record at 6024MT/s

The win marks the third time Ballistix has climbed to the top of the super competitive overclocking leaderboard in recent months.

Micron Insight recap: Ballistix Elite DDR4 world record, Crucial X8, and more

This year’s Micron® Insight event was one for the record books. We scored a new DDR4 world record of 6054.4MT/s, announced our new Crucial® X8 portable SSD, and more.

How Designers Use Light and Color to Make Great Games

From Myst to Overwatch: how color and light breathe life into video games.

Why Universities are Embracing Esports

Don’t be surprised when esports elbows—or button-mashes—its way into becoming one of the most popular collegiate sports.

Gaming on the Autism Spectrum

Countless studies have debated the issue, but there are clear benefits to gaming that can counterbalance any negatives, if encouraged and monitored.

CES recap: Next gen Crucial Ballistix gaming memory line unveiled

The Crucial Ballistix and Crucial Ballistix MAX lines feature high-quality Micron die, brilliant RGB, and dynamic heat spreaders for maximum performance.

Chasing the speedrunner’s holy grail: Super Mario 64

Speedrunning keeps gaining popularity, thanks in part to a Super Mario 64 contest created by YouTuber EZScape and Crucial's donation to the $10,000 bounty.

Interruption: The enemy of creative professionals

As creative professionals, being forced out of concentration can negatively impact creativity, performance, and retention of ideas

How VR is Impacting the Fitness World

The virtual reality fitness wave is coming.

How Technology Leveled Up the Music Game

The tech evolution has reshaped the way artists produce songs and how you consume them.

How Does the Human Brain Compare to a Computer?

We live in a world where computers can outperform humans at chess, Go, and even Jeopardy.

12 Tips to Survive Photo Storage Overload in a Selfie World

Photographs are uniquely magical, capable of capturing both the transient and transcendent details of a fleeting moment in our lives. A few decades ago, they were relatively rare too.

Connect with your kids, assemble a PC

There has never been a better time to build or upgrade a PC with your family, with all the resources on the internet, you have a unique way of connecting with your kids today.

Crucial X8 offers peace of mind for travelers

Whether you pack heavy or light – travel the world or take weekend getaways – the Crucial X8 gives travelers security, convenience, and peace of mind while on the go.  

The 4 advantages of portable SSDs for photographers and videographers

In years past, creatives had to rely on small SD cards or portable HDDs to capture their work. But now, with the advent of portable SSDs, you can store, protect, and transport your files faster and easier than ever before.

How scientists & climate research data survive brutal weather conditions

When scientists traversed the Greenland ice sheet collecting data on climate change, Crucial SSDs weathered the brutal conditions to bring the precious data home.

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