This year’s Micron® Insight event in San Francisco, California was one for the record books, literally. Not only did we announce our new Crucial® X8 portable SSD, but we announced a DDR4 world record for speed using our Ballistix® Elite 4000. As they say, records are meant to be broken . . . and overclockers broke that record multiple times – live at Insight – for a final verified speed of 6054.4MT/s.

Overall there’s a lot to celebrate, and as the 2019 event has drawn to a close, I’d like to take some time to recap those “highlight reel“ worthy moments from the folks at Crucial and Ballistix.

Overclocking with the Ballistix Elite 4000

Much like drag racing or other competitive sports, pro overclockers are always finding new ways to push the speed envelope. After the initial record of 6024MT/s was set by the ASUS and Micron teams, the record was broken an additional five times (three official, two unofficial).

The final official record of 6054.4MT/s was achieved by Stavros Savvopoulos and Phil Strecker of Overclocked Gaming Systems (OGS) using the same setup as ASUS and Micron:

Below you'll find the timeline of the overclocking shenanigans (with links):

  1. 6024 (original ASUS record)
  2. 6031.6
  3. 6036
  4. 6054.4 (Verified on HWbot & CPU-Z, and current official record)
  5. 6058.8 (Unofficial)
  6. 6060 (Unofficial)

Coverage highlight:

Crucial X8 portable SSD announced

The latest SSD offering from Crucial takes storage on the go with the Crucial X8 portable SSD. Available in 500GB and 1TB capacities, the X8 boasts speeds up to 1050MB/s. It works with a variety of platforms, including PS4™, Xbox One, iPad Pro, and Android devices.

Coverage highlights:

Pro gamers playing Rocket League live

In addition to all the other awesome experiences at Micron Insight, we had esports pros Emiliano "Sizz" Benny (currently coach/manager for NRG) and Wade “Dreadnaught” Penfold (commentator and former team captain for Tempo Storm) on-site playing Rocket League at our gaming booth.

Martina Trucco, our own Head of Corporate Marketing and Comms, got in on the fun.

Get to Know the Author:

David Kirby is a content strategy manager at Crucial. He’s enthusiastic about computers, films, and retro video games.

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