X6 and X8 are Crucial for Santa’s Naughty and Nice List

Have you ever considered just how massive Santa’s naughty and nice list is? With 2.2 billion kids in the world, it covers enough paper to fill thousands of file cabinets! And you can only imagine how much magic he burns through, just to carry those lists in his sleigh every Christmas Eve. (It’s been a serious obstacle to reducing his magic footprint) So, when Santa’s tech-savvy elf IT team told the big guy that he could store his naughty and nice list on Crucial portable SSDs that fit inside his fur-lined coat pocket… well it was like his own, personal Christmas morning! 

Santa was delighted with the Crucial X8 when he found out he can use it to:

Speeds faster than Prancer, Dancer, and Vixen

Horsepower’s got nothing on reindeer power, and Santa’s eight reindeer were blown away by the X8’s speed. The Crucial X8 runs up to 1.8x faster than other portable SSDs and up to 7.5x faster than portable HDDs1. Santa obviously works quickly. I mean, how else could he do his job in one night? He relies on speed, along with a liberal dose of magic (ethically sourced, of course). Santa’s belly shook like a bowl full of jelly when his elf delivery team organized his naughty and nice lists by continent. Now he can quickly access his list on the go (there’s no Wi-Fi on the sleigh), deliver his gifts, and get back to the North Pole faster than ever. Gone are Christmas Eves past, spent digging through stacks of paper (not to mention the littering problem that comes with blistering sleigh speeds and paper lists!) Now Santa can carry his entire list in a sleek, innovative drive that easily fits in his fur-trimmed coat pocket.

Small enough to hang on your Christmas Tree

I’m sure everyone can imagine just how tightly Santa packs his sleigh. (Let’s just say that his elf transport team is top-notch – and they always win the annual Tetris tournament!) I’m guessing Santa has barely had room for hot cocoa with all the presents, joy, and cheer he has delivered to children around the world year after year. But now that he’s using Crucial X8 and X6 portable SSDs, Santa’s naughty and nice list takes up less room than a sprig of mistletoe. (In fact, Mrs. Claus is hoping to remodel the old filing room into a Jazzercise studio.) With the extra room in the sleigh, Santa has implemented a ride-along program for his MVE (Most Valuable Elf). Heck, now he can even pack cookies for the reindeer! (And they love cookies.)

More storage than Santa’s bag, all in one tiny drive

Santa’s naughty and nice list is actually a lot bigger than you can probably imagine. With more than 2.2 billion children in the world, a paper list of each and every one of them adds up to a stack that’s taller than anyone’s chimney. Good thing Santa’s accounting elves were able to convert them into Excel spreadsheets. By the time they added every child, they had compiled 2,200 files with a million rows each! Then they uploaded the lists onto seven 2TB Crucial X8s — one for each continent to make it easier for Santa. There was even room to spare for his favorite holiday music playlist. (Who would have guessed his most played song of the year was “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”? I guess it sort of fits with 2020…)

You better not pout, you better not cry, you better put a Crucial portable SSD on your list today!

It goes without saying that Santa knows his stuff. But, so do the fine folks at Crucial (I suspect some of them might be elves in disguise).

We recommend the X8 for gamers, creatives, and travelers who want to expand storage on PS4™, Xbox One, iPad Pro, Android devices, or to simply free up space. With speeds up to 1050MB/s¹, ², the Crucial X8 is the perfect gift for anyone who needs fast, sleek, external storage.

For parents, students, and hobbyists, we recommend the tiny Crucial X6, which will store up to 10,000 photos, 50 hours of video, 3000 songs, and 400GB of documents with room to spare, all between the tips of your fingers. The Crucial X6 is the perfect high-quality stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Be like Santa. Order the gift of speed, space, and portability for everyone on your list, whether that’s ten lords a leaping, 8 maids a milking... or a partridge in a pear tree.

  1. MB/s speed measured as maximum sequential performance of device as measured by Crucial on a high performance desktop computer with Crystal Disk Mark (version 6.0.2 for x64). Your performance may vary. Comparative speed claims measured as maximum sequential performance of similarly situated portable SSDs, mainstream portable HDDs and mainstream USB flash drives from vertically-integrated manufacturers selling under their own brands as of June 2019.2. Compatibility may vary and may be contingent on device formatting and host capabilities. For more information, see https://www.crucial.com/support/x8
  2. Compatibility may vary and may be contingent on device formatting and host capabilities. For more information, see https://www.crucial.com/support/x8

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