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      Micron Server DRAM

      Micron’s Server DRAM portfolio supports speedy, high-bandwidth data rates without compromising power efficiency. Whether extending the value of legacy server platforms or accelerating critical workloads on next-gen platforms, Micron® Server DRAM delivers the optimal mix of performance, power savings and cost effectiveness.

      Micron DRAM is rigorously tested, high-performance memory and is available in NVDIMM, RDIMM, and LRDIMM. Server DRAM is best for data centers, AI and ML, cloud, hybrid cloud, edge gateway servers, and high-performance computing applications.

      Looking for consumer-grade RAM? Discover our DDR5, DDR4, and DDR3 for gamers, creatives, and tech enthusiasts seeking to enhance their home computing experience. 


      • What is server memory (RAM)?

        Server memory, also known as server RAM (random access memory), is the temporary storage space in a computer server where data is held while it’s being processed. Crucial offers server DRAM (dynamic random access memory) which is a type of volatile memory that stores each bit of data in a separate capacitor within an integrated circuit. Server memory is different from storage memory like hard drives or SSDs, which retain data even when the server is powered off. Server memory enables the server to access and manipulate data quickly, enhancing performance and enabling multiple processes to run simultaneously. The technologies of DRAM available today are DDR4 (double data rate generation 4) and DDR5. 

      • Can you put consumer RAM in a server?

        Server memory uses the same technology (DDR4 and DDR5) as consumer RAM modules, but server RAM modules are specifically designed and optimized for the demands of server environments, such as reliability, stability, and performance under heavy workloads. They have features like ECC (error-correcting code) to ensure data integrity, higher capacity options, and no overclocking support. Consumer-grade DRAM modules do not support ECC, which prevents them from operating in a server. 

      • What is ECC memory?

        ECC (error-correcting code) memory is a type of RAM that includes special circuitry and additional DRAM to detect and correct errors that may occur between the CPU and the memory module during read or write operations. ECC memory is commonly used in servers and other mission-critical systems where data integrity is essential to prevent system crashes, data corruption, or other errors. To learn more about ECC memory visit our article: What is ECC Memory.   

      • What are the types of server memory?

        The most common type of server memory is RDIMM (registered dual in-line memory module), which includes ECC protection and higher capacities than consumer DRAM modules. Other module types include LRDIMM (load-reduced registered DIMM), available only in DDR4, which focuses on the highest capacity configurations, and the upcoming MRDIMM (multiplexed registered DIMM), which is only available in DDR5 and will provide higher speeds than current memory technology. These module options accommodate diverse server requirements, from basic computing to mission-critical tasks, and typically require different motherboard configurations, depending on the module type. 

      • How do I know if a server RAM is compatible with my server?

        Find compatible server DRAM for your system with Micron’s product selector. Or, visit to learn more about our Micron Server DRAM. 

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