SSD is not detected by Acronis® True Image® for Crucial

In rare cases, while selecting the source and destination (target) drives in the Acronis True Image for Crucial® software, the SSD will not show up. You may receive an error message after selecting it, or the SSD is not detected and Acronis does not launch, returning a message "This product edition requires at least one Crucial SSD be installed in your system". There are a few things to check which can resolve this behavior.

  • Verify all cables are connected securely at each end, and free from damage. In a desktop, verify that both the power and SATA interface cable are connected firmly and in good condition.
  • If available, try different cables to rule out a faulty connection.
  • Check another storage device, or USB device, in the port you are connecting the SSD to, to verify it is working normally, or try the SSD connected to a different port. If using USB on a desktop, try different ports on the rear of the system, instead of just front ports.
  • If you are running Acronis within Windows, create bootable media and run Acronis from that to rule out other program conflicts.
  • Although Acronis should initialize the drive as part of the cloning process, this may need to be done manually in Windows® Disk Management before it will show as a usable drive. You can follow the steps in this article to initialize the new disk, then restart the cloning process. If the SSD is not detected in Disk Management, try another USB or SATA port on the system, or another cable if available to check the connection.​

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us for more assistance.


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