SSD Disappears or Crashes when Resuming from Sleep or During Normal Use

If your system no longer recognizes the Crucial® SSD when in use or when coming out of sleep mode, or if your system is locking up or crashing, several adjustments can resolve this.  First, make sure that the firmware on your SSD is up to date.  You can achieve this using the Crucial Storage Executive tool.  Once the program is installed and opened, you should see a prompt to update your SSD to a newer firmware revision if one is available.

In addition, you can correct these issues by changing how Windows® manages the power to your SSD.

The first step is to stop Windows from abruptly cutting power to your drive.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Go to Hardware and Sound
  • Go to Power Options
  • Select Change Plan Settings
  • Select Change Advanced Settings
  • (For SATA SSD's) Make sure the hard disk field is set to never (Laptop users select battery and power adapter)
  • (For NVMe SSD's) Make sure the “Link State Power Management®” under the “PCI Express” field is set to “Off” (Laptop users select battery and power adapter)

Once the Link State Power Management is turned off, check if you are running Intel Rapid Storage Technology®.  An easy way to find out is by checking your taskbar for the icon circled in red in the image below. 

If you do not have this icon in your taskbar, you can ignore the following steps and the issues that you were experiencing should be corrected. If you see the icon in your taskbar, double-click and open the program.  Select the performance tab and you will see an option called Link Power Management®. 

Disable this and close the program.  The issues you were experiencing should now be fixed. If you continue to experience any problems, we ask that you contact us directly for additional support.

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