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How to use your Crucial X6 or X8 Portable SSD with your iPad Pro

While iPads® are useful, handy, and often required for work, they don’t offer much in terms of storage. With the release of iPadOS™, users can now attach external storage drives, allowing for saving and accessing more files and making iPads® function a little more like laptops. When paired with a Crucial X6 or X8 portable solid state drive (SSD), you can transfer photos, videos, apps, and other data to and from your iPad Pro®. You can even use third-party apps to import directly to your iPad from your SSD without having to use proprietary Apple® apps.


Expand iPad Pro storage with a portable SSD

Step 1. Plug your X6 or X8 into your iPad Pro

The first step is to plug your Crucial portable SSD into your iPad Pro through the UCB-C port or through an adapter if using the Lightning® connector on pre-2018 iPad models. First, plug one end of the USB-C cable into the drive. Next, plug the other end into either the USB-C port or Lightning connector with a Lightning adapter into your iPad Pro.

Note: When using the USB-A adapter, make sure that the alignment marks on the adapter match up with the marks on the cable. If these marks are not aligned, the drive will not operate.

Step 2. Open and browse the files app

Locate and open your files app. Once opened, locate your Crucial X6 or X8 portable SSD in the sidebar and open it.

Step 3. Moving files from your Crucial X6 or X8 to your iPad Pro

Click on any of the files in your Crucial portable SSD you want to transfer to your iPad Pro. Next, select “Move,” then select a save destination on your iPad. Next, select “Copy.”

Step 4. Moving files from your iPad Pro to your Crucial X8

Go into your files app and select your Crucial drive in the sidebar. Select the folder you want to move files to on your Crucial X6 or X8. You can then select all of the files you want moved, such as audio, video, or photos. Lastly, select “Copy” to move the files to your Crucial portable SSD.


The iPad Pro is more useful than ever before, thanks to iPad OS and the ability to connect to an external storage device. Paired with a Crucial X6 or X8 portable SSD, your iPad Pro will have all of the storage you need for whatever you want to do.