New Micron® DDR4 Memory is Not Working in a Server or Workstation

If a newly purchased Micron®-branded DDR4 server or workstation memory module does not allow a system to complete POST, whether the system just sits on a black screen or gives memory error LED codes, a number of factors should be checked to either resolve the problem or identify the source of a conflict.

First, rule out installation, compatibility, and pending updates as the source of a problem, and review workstation/server-specific factors to confirm no easily identified conflicts or incompatibilities are the source of the startup error.

After these variables are checked, the CPU and memory modules' compatibility need to be reviewed. Certain CPUs do not support higher DRAM component die densities on a memory module. The most common scenario from this is a module with a 16Gb (Gigabit) die density, which requires an Intel® Xeon® 2nd Generation Scalable Processors (Xeon-SP and Xeon-W from 2019) or newer, otherwise a system will not be able to POST with the higher-density parts installed. Micron-branded DDR4 memory sold on® comes in 8Gb and 16Gb die density configurations (parts from other sources can also feature 4Gb die densities) which is noted in the part descriptions on, as shown below.

Check the tables below to confirm the installed CPU can support the die density of the parts being used. Earlier generation CPUs will be limited to 8Gb or lower die densities, while more recent CPU generations can utilize 16Gb (and are backward compatible with lower die densities).

If you have purchased memory with a die density your CPU will not support, you will need to return the memory and purchase an alternate part number featuring a die density which is supported.

If you have the correct memory for your system/motherboard model and CPU and are still experiencing issues, please contact us for further support.

Lastly, if you have not yet purchased parts, by using the Server Configurator tool at, you can simplify the process by putting in your system and CPU specifications and your desired memory total, and receive a customized view of compatible parts (with CPU needs taken into consideration).

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