DDR5 systems may require memory 'training'

A small number of DDR5 systems and motherboards require a period of "training" newly installed memory to work with the system and allow access to the UEFI, or otherwise to complete the system's power-on self-test (POST). 

When a DDR5 system is powered on but not finishing POST, but has not returned a specific POST error either, this may be an indicator that such “training” is occurring. During this process the system firmware is configuring itself for the newly installed memory. LEDs on the motherboard or computer may or may not be active during this process. On-screen symptoms of this may be a black screen or the system pausing on a manufacturer splash screen. 

If this is happening, just leave the system powered to complete this process, which in some instances has been seen to take up to 15 minutes. If this is successful the system will either begin operating normally after the elapsed time, or may require a reboot but will work normally once this is done. After this process is complete, future reboots will not require this wait, unless hardware is changed again in the future or other modifications are made in the system's BIOS or UEFI, in which case another delayed startup for this process may be seen. 

If this does not work or you are seeing other malfunctions, refer to other memory troubleshooting steps, or contact us for further support.

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