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Buying made easy with Crucial partners

Buying from Crucial is easy! Whether it's through our award-winning web site or with one of our qualified partners, we know there's more than one way to do business. That's why wherever you are, whatever your situation, Crucial is equipped to do business your way.



We offer Crucial products through the following distributors.


ingram        dandh         avnet         asipartner         synnexcorp         microlandusa         malabs         GB Micro


Corporate resellers

Qualified corporate buyers can purchase Crucial products from the following resellers.


shi         cdw         macmall         insight         zones         connection


Government resellers

Qualified government entities can buy Crucial products from the following resellers using multiple government contracts.


cdwg         shi         govconnection


Retail and E-tail

A variety of Crucial products are available from the following retail and e-tail providers. Crucial's complete product line is available direct at

bhphotovideo        newegg        neweggca        adorama        microcenter         amazon