3D Print Files

Download the starter file to design and 3D print your own light bar that slides into Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB modules. 

3D print files for Crucial Ballistix Max RGB light bars

Download our starter file to design your own light bar, then share it below. 

Download includes .stl, .amf, and .3mf file types.

Ready to customize your system like never before?

Follow these steps to create your own light bar and add it to a Crucial Ballistix MAX Module:*

  1. Download the starter file.
  2. Import the light bar into the 3D editing software of your choice. Blender®, Netfabb®, FreeCAD, Autodesk® Fusion 360, SketchUp® are some software options that are free or have trial versions. Note: Different programs will have different ways to import 3D printing files.
  3. Modify the model in your 3D software, making sure to only add to the top of the light bar, not the sides or bottom. Also, take note of the height and width restrictions of the model you’re making. For instance, if your memory is below a CPU cooler, you may have limited vertical space to work with. Save/export your file as a 3D printing type like STL.
  4. Prepare and slice the file in your printing program. For printing settings, we recommend you put the infill percentage to 0. This will help with allowing the LED lights to shine through the object better. You should also use a perimeter wall of 1-3, any more than that will restrict the ability of the light to shine through. Make sure to also repair your object to ensure it is manifold if your printing program recommends this.
  5. Print your file. You will want to use translucent PLA or ABS for your printing. Colored printing material will obviously not allow light through, so stay away from colors. If you’re printing translucent for the first time, make sure to do some test prints and create a profile with the appropriate temperature and printer settings to get the best results.
    TIP: printing with 0% infill allows the most light from the LEDs to shine through
  6. Clean your print of any burrs or hair to make it look as good as possible. Using a small X-ACTO® knife is best for this, and of course, be very careful when doing this.
  7. Remove the existing light bar by pushing out the mounting pegs, then install the one you just created.
  8. Install the modules with your custom light bars into your motherboard. Make sure your system is powered off and you’ve grounded yourself.
  9. Power on your system. Customize your light settings in the Crucial® Ballistix® M.O.D. Utility to get the light just the way you want it, then sit back and enjoy your work.

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