External SSDs for Video Editing

It used to be hard to get into video and photo editing. Equipment was bulky and software was expensive. Thankfully, today you can take excellent photos or videos on phones, tables, and the latest generation of action cameras. You can edit from your phone, tablets, or computer. But with an increase in photos and videos comes an increased need for storage, especially for those aspiring editors working on 4K.

In the past, hard disk drives (HDD) were too slow and solid state drives (SSD) didn’t have enough storage or were too expensive. With the Crucial X8 portable SSD, creatives have an affordable and powerful portable storage solution. The Crucial X8 is compact enough to carry on even the most remote shoots, yet powerful and fast enough for directly storing, backing up, and editing photos and video files.

Form Factor

For some, having compact gear is crucial. For others, it’s a novelty. No one can argue against the convenience of smaller gear that performs. Sure, it can be stylish and look great, but it also needs to get the job done. The Crucial X8 features both form and function. For those who venture far off the beaten path, size, weight, and performance can be key to getting the shot and for backing up and editing files on the go.

If you are a creative who is space and weight conscious, choosing the right drive can make or break you. Gear adds up, and for action sports enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, vloggers, or amateur photographers, the weight you carry can take a toll. Sure, you can make do without certain items, but others are required no matter the task. At 3.52 ounces and just 4.33 x 0.50 x 2.1 inches, the X8 can fit in your pocket or luggage. You’ll hardly notice it’s there.

Pairing a portable drive with your camera set up gives you the option to shoot and store more. The Crucial X8 is universally compatible, adding storage and speed to nearly any desktop or laptop, Mac or PC, tablet, and phone. The Crucial X8 is built with an aluminum unibody core with a 7.5-foot drop rating, is shock and vibration proof, and even works in the most extreme temperatures. The Crucial X8 is built to last and perform; it can withstand pressure from almost all elements that even the most adventurous creative might encounter. In 2019, scientists researching Greenland’s ice sheets even used Crucial SSDs due to their reliability in the extreme cold.


Choosing the right storage device can be tough for even the most seasoned creatives. No matter how large, your drive will eventually fill to capacity. Large drives are not always the fastest, nor are the smallest. How the drive interfaces directly with your machine can influence its speed. Choosing a drive requires a little understanding of what you will be doing, and what equipment you use. Will you be editing on a laptop or tablet when you are getting started, or connecting via USB-A or USB-C? The Crucial X8 includes a USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 cable and a USB-A adapter.

Host compatibility


Thunderbolt 3 - 40Gb/s

USB 3.1 Gen 2 - 10Gb/s

USB 3.1 Gen 1 - 5Gb/s


USB 3.1 Gen 1 - 5Gb/s   

USB 3.0 - 5Gb/s       

USB 2.0 - 480Mb/s that can support 5V/1A

Aside from being faster than HDDs, SSDs have the advantage in their ability to read large files nearly as fast as smaller files. The Crucial X8 has read speeds of up to 1050MB/s, which is up to 1.8x faster than most portable SSDs and up to 7.5x faster than a hard drive. The Crucial X8 offers faster boot times, instant-load performance, and gives you extremely fast read and write speeds. With the X8 in the field, you can back up your photos or videos faster, which gets you back to shooting and creating.

Make it work for you

For creatives on the go or starting out, one of the best features of the X8 is the ability to back up while in the field. Depending on the file size, bitrate, or resolution, you can even edit certain files directly from the drive. Once home, you can plug your X8 into a more powerful machine and finish editing your work directly on the X8 without needing to transfer the files to that machine. This is hugely beneficial when traveling or if you work from multiple workstations. Your time is valuable — the X8 helps squeeze the most out of it.

Video editing is one of a creative’s most demanding tasks. Not only are video files huge, but the software requirements can also present challenges. While not designed for hardcore editing, the Crucial X8 can be the solution for amateur creatives needing additional storage in the field or to just transport files. Being universally compatible and incredibly fast, the X8 offers those just starting out a device that will work with their equipment, even if that equipment changes. And its common knowledge that creatives need speed, and the X8 will get you started in video editing.

At some point your portfolio is going to start growing and requiring more and more storage. The Crucial X8 gives you the ability to store, encrypt, and transport your portfolio wherever and whenever you go. You can transport and curate your portfolio when, where, and with whom you want. The X8 gives you options you need, when you need it.

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