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Will I be charged sales tax?

We are legally required to collect sales tax in the states where our company has a presence. If your order is being shipped to a state listed below, it will include sales tax. Orders shipped to all other states will not be charged tax.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Find out where Micron has a taxable presence, and where it does not.

Applicable sales tax forms
Learn how to find and submit the correct form for your ship-to state.

Tax exemption and drop-ship orders
If you are planning to ship Crucial products to a state other than the one where you do business, please verify that you have the required documentation on file with Crucial before placing your order.

Crucial must collect sales tax for the following states:

Alabama Arizona
Arkansas* California
Colorado* Connecticut*
District of Columbia Florida
Georgia* Hawaii*
Idaho Illinois*
Indiana* Iowa
Kansas* Kentucky*
Louisiana* Maryland
Massachusetts Maine
Michigan* Minnesota*
Mississippi* Missouri
Nebraska* Nevada
New Jersey* New Mexico*
New York* North Carolina*
North Dakota* Ohio*
Oklahoma Pennsylvania*
Rhode Island* South Carolina
South Dakota* Texas*
Tennessee* Utah
Vermont* Virginia
Washington* West Virginia*
Wisconsin* Wyoming

* Crucial collects sales tax on the products and freight for these states.



Crucial does NOT collect sales tax for the following states:

Alaska (no sales tax) Delaware (No sales tax)
Montana (No sales tax) New Hampshire (No sales tax)
Oregon (No sales tax)