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Four Ways to Solve Ballistix® M.O.D. Utility Issues

While rare, error messages encountered while using the Ballistix® M.O.D. Utility are usually fixed with one of a few different methods.

Uninstall and reinstall the software

Uninstalling and reinstalling the M.O.D. Utility to be sure you have the most recent version available (DDR3 versionDDR4 version) can fix errors seen when using the software. When checking for the most recent version, make sure you are downloading the correct M.O.D. Utility file for your 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

Update your drivers

Ensure all your drivers are current, particularly your system’s chipset drivers, and also be sure you are running the most recent version of the Microsoft® .NET Framework. Drivers can be found from your system or motherboard manufacturer’s support resources, while .NET can be acquired from Microsoft directly, most easily via Windows® Update.

Update your BIOS

A BIOS update, similar to driver updates, may be available from your system or motherboard manufacturer. Consult any documentation your manufacturer provides when applying this update, as updating a BIOS incorrectly can damage your system.

If none of the above resolve the error you are seeing, contact us for further support.

Uninstall all other RGB controlling or hardware monitoring utilities

You can usually only have a single RGB controlling or hardware monitoring utility running at a time on your PC. If the M.O.D. utility crashes when launching or becomes unresponsive during use, it might be possible that there is another program running on your PC that is conflicting with our tool.  

The first and best troubleshooting step to take will be to close out of or completely uninstall any other programs that control the lighting on your system as well as any hardware monitoring tools before attempting to use the M.O.D. utility once more.  If you have multiple RGB devices installed in your PC from different manufacturers and want to control them all at the same time, you will typically need to search on your motherboard manufacturer's website to find what RGB utilities they offer. The Ballistix M.O.D. utility is only designed to control the RAM in your PC, while motherboard manufacturers' RGB utilities will have support for controlling multiple devices in the system.

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