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Do more. Faster. Longer.

A breakthrough in innovation, the Crucial M550 SSD is over 20 times faster than a typical hard drive and consumes significantly less power. It enables your computer to boot up almost immediately, load files and programs almost instantly, accelerate demanding applications, and manage power so that your battery lasts up to 50 minutes longer. Backed by the most advanced feature set available - Native Write Acceleration, RAIN technology, Adaptive Thermal Protection, hardware-based encryption, and our exclusive data integrity algorithm - the Crucial M550 delivers a complete performance gain that's measured by far more than just specs.

Compatible, high-density memory for your Mac Pro system

Crucial memory for Mac Pro workstations is engineered to meet the component densities, speeds, and SPD programming specifications of Mac Pro systems. Max out the memory in your system with RDIMMs and ECC UDIMMs in densities up to 16GB.

The fastest speeds available for your Mac Pro system

If you're like most Mac Pro computer users, your system probably handles a heavier workload than other types of Mac systems. Our modules run at 1866MHz - the fastest mainstream DDR3 ECC UDIMM and RDIMM speed currently available.

Maximize the performance of your Mac Pro system

High-speed memory enables your system to achieve increased responsiveness, faster application load times, and increased ability to multitask. Empower your system to handle data-intensive programs with ease, such as Apple® FinalCut Pro® or Adobe®PhotoShop®.

Mission-critical reliability for your Mac Pro system

Mac Pro workstations require mission-critical reliability, which is why our modules are extensively tested at the component and module level for voltage and temperature resistances, signal integrity, and software compatibility. If a component or module doesn't pass tests under mission-critical conditions, then it doesn't leave our doors.

Improved sustainability for your Mac Pro system

Crucial memory also delivers long-term sustainability through lead- and halogen-free technology and the backing of a limited lifetime warranty.