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Image for 16GB Crucial Gizmo! TwistTurn USB 2.0 Flash Drive from Crucial USA

16GB Crucial Gizmo! TwistTurn USB 2.0 Flash Drive


  • Brand: Crucial
  • Form Factor: NO DRAM
  • Total Capacity: 16GB
  • Specs: USB Flash Drive •
  • Interface: USB Port
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    16GB Crucial Gizmo! TwistTurn USB 2.0 Flash Drive

    product information

    Amount of available storage on the module. If there are parenthesis shown – for example (2 x 4GB) – it indicates a kit of 2 or more identical modules is used to reach the Total Capacity.
    Product Specifications
    Brand Crucial
    Form Factor NO DRAM
    Total Capacity 16GB
    Specs USB Flash Drive •
    Interface USB Port
    Package Content USB 3.0 Compliant Flash Drive
    High-capacity storage. Stylish design.
    Crucial Gizmo! TwistTurn is a high-capacity USB 2.0 flash drive that allows you to easily store, transfer, and share a vast number of data, photo, music, and video files. For added durability and convenience, the Crucial Gizmo! TwistTurn utilizes a capless design and a rotating case to quickly access a USB port. It also includes an LED activity light that blinks while files are being transferred, which makes it easy to know when the job is done. Crucial Gizmo! TwistTurn is compatible with PC and Mac® systems.

    Product Highlights

    • High-capacity USB 2.0 flash drive: easily transfer, store, and share a large number of files
    • Take data, photo, music, and video files wherever you go
    • LED activity light blinks during file transfer
    • Durable rotating jacket with capless design
    • Compatible with PC and Mac systems
    • Two-year limited warranty

    1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment.

    product reviews

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