Is it time to add more memory to my computer system?

When should you add more RAM to your PC or Mac? The Memory Experts at Crucial can help. We recommend upgrading your memory these cases:

Before you upgrade an operating system.
Your computer's operating system (OS) has a significant impact on overall performance — and typically, a newer version of an OS demands more memory that its predecessor. Adding more memory at the same time you upgrade the OS ensures a smoother transition and prevents potential problems.

Check Crucial's Microsoft Windows 7 information and memory requirements.

Before installing new software or hardware.
Likewise, new software often requires more memory than its predecessors, particularly gaming or productivity titles. And hardware components like video cards or hard drives can only deliver the performance they promise if you have sufficient RAM. To make sure your system has enough, check minimum memory requirements and consider adding more.

See our software and memory guidelines.

Before networking a PC (workgroup print server).
To get the most from any distributed network model, you should keep each individual system on par with the others on the network. You can give older systems new life with a simple RAM upgrade.

Use the Crucial System Scanner to find a compatible memory upgrade for an older system.

After buying a new system.
That's right — a new system. Many systems ship with minimal memory, which helps the manufacturer's bottom line. Before you pay the higher price for a system with more RAM, check the price: it's usually a lot less expensive as an aftermarket purchase.

Crucial RAM is the same stuff your OEM uses.

Still not sure if you need more RAM?
Find out how much memory's currently installed on your system, and how to tell if you need more memory