How Fast Is the Crucial v4 SSD?

Just how much faster is the Crucial v4 SSD than a traditional hard drive? How about 9 times faster!

Designed to deliver substantial SSD performance for mainstream systems, the Crucial v4 SSD features data access speeds that are up to 9 times faster than a traditional hard drive.* Featuring faster start up times, faster application loading times, and increased ability to multitask and handle everyday computer tasks, the Crucial v4 SSD delivers a substantial performance gain over that of a hard drive. Here’s how the PCMark Vantage HDD test suite determined the comparative performance level of the Crucial v4 SSD.

The Test Drives

• 128GB Crucial v4 SSD (firmware: 22)

- vs -

• 160GB Hitachi 5400 RPM Hard Drive

The Test System

SATA 3Gb/s System Setup
Intel DP67BG motherboard
BIOS Rev. 2111 (Date: November 20, 2011)
Intel i5-2400 3.1GHz
Chipset drivers Rev.

The Test Process

To see how the drives compared side-by-side in real world conditions, the PCMark Vantage HDD test suite looked at how quickly and seamlessly the drives were able to perform everyday computer tasks like powering on, importing music and pictures, editing video files, playing games, and running periodic antivirus and system scans. It was no surprise to us that in every single test category, the Crucial v4 SSD outperformed the hard drive. What’s more, the Crucial v4 SSD isn’t even our fastest drive!

The bottom line: if you have a hard drive, you can boost your system’s data access speeds by a lot with the Crucial v4 SSD. What are you waiting for?

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*Performance level based on comparative PCMark Vantage HDD test scores gathered through benchmark testing in July 2012. Actual performance level may vary based on benchmark used and individual system configuration. Test setup: SATA 3Gb/s system, 160GB Hitachi 5400 RPM Hard Drive, Intel DP67BG motherboard, Intel i5-2400 3.1GHz processor, BIOS Rev. 2111 (November 20, 2011), and chipset drivers Rev. using PCMark Vantage HDD test suite.
SSD comparison chart