The difference between premium quality and generic memory.
So your computer is dragging and you've decided you need more memory (don't we all?). You start searching the Web for a place to buy it. Suddenly, you realize you've found 50 suppliers and a very wide range of pricing.

How do you pick the right place to buy memory?

You want to make an informed decision so you read about SIMMs, DIMMs, and SODIMMs; parity and ECC; registered and buffered; DDR and SDRAM; and then you scream "Stop! I just want to upgrade!" Yes, memory upgrades involve a lot of technical information. But for most people (other than the ones building their own systems) most of it doesn't matter. All you have to do is remember the next sentence.

The most important factor in selecting memory is who makes it.

It's pretty simple actually. Once you have a company that manufactures high-quality, reliable parts and is going to stand behind its product with technical support and customer service, finding the right product for your system is relatively easy.

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