Crucial Energy-Efficient Memory

Use less power, without compromising performance or reliability.

  • Achieves up to 40% reduction in memory sub-system power consumption
  • Enables lower overall cooling costs
  • No performance compromises
  • Guaranteed Compatible, Tested and Validated with Intel's® next generation server platforms

Ready to tackle the rising energy costs in your company�s data center?

Crucial�s energy-efficient DDR3L server memory can help.

Crucial�s new energy-efficient memory was designed, tested and validated to work with Intel�s� Xeon� 5600 series of processors. By utilizing these more energy-efficient servers, your organization can slash memory energy consumption by up to 40% or more compared to legacy servers � while getting all the speed, performance, and capacity of the latest Intel based servers. Crucial�s new memory, conforming to the JEDEC specification for low voltage DDR3 (called DDR3L), can maximize your energy savings and reduce the cooling needs of your servers by enhancing thermal performance. Your organization will enjoy the benefits of improved performance while lowering power usage, because DDR3L operates at voltages of 1.35v (as opposed to 1.5v) using less power. DDR3L also runs natively at 1.5v,making it compatible with all existing Intel� Xeon� 5500 Platforms, regardless of processor used. Crucial�s DDR3L Registered DIMMs are guaranteed compatible with the next generation Intel� Xeon� processor-based server platform, suited for the efficient performance server and workstation segments � so you can rest assured that your servers will run more efficiently and reliably than ever. Crucial DDR3L Registered DIMMs are available in various capacitates, in singles and kits, and in both standard and very low profile (VLP) heights.

Crucial low power memory options save power

How can memory consume less power? By running at lower voltages and by running cooler. Crucial produces modules with fewer overall chips compared to legacy DDR2 server memory. They also run at significantly lower voltages to deliver up to a 40% memory power savings when compared to these older servers.

Reduced power usage and improved system performance!

Energy-efficient DIMMs mean less power consumption and lower server room energy costs. In fact, DDR3L results in an overall memory subsystem power savings of up to 20% over standard DDR3, so you can pack more performance per watt into your server racks than ever before!

crucial reliance programme

Crucial Reliance Programme: Count on Us.

The Crucial Reliance Programme ensures that every server and workstation memory module is of the highest quality and backed by our world-class service. All modules carry our limited lifetime warranty, outstanding customer service and support, guaranteed reliability and compatibility, plus, within the Crucial Reliance Programme, additional benefits. These program benefits include onsite spares, cross-shipment options, dedicated support, and bulk shipping options. Contact your sales representative for details and qualifications.



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