British 'stiff upper blip' caused by daily irritations

Slow and problematic computers cause Brits more daily irritation at home than dirty clothes, dripping taps and inappropriate toilet seat manors

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Glasgow, UK, May 01, 2013 � The Great British reserve is being challenged to its fullest, according to research from computer upgrade company An overwhelming 90% of those surveyed admitted to putting up with daily irritations in and around the home. Examples such as clothes strewn on the floor (36%), dirty plates left unwashed (34%), dripping taps (29%) and the toilet seat being left up or down (28%) were all considered to be annoyances which people in the UK have to tolerate. Topping the list was a staggering 40% of people who said that problematic technology and slow computers was their most common irritation at home.

Yet, our inability to 'carry on regardless' is becoming more apparent, with 75% of those surveyed of the opinion that people in the UK are becoming far less tolerant of trifling frustrations that build-up day to day. Whilst some find a means to cope with these mounting frustrations, others are developing a 'stiff upper blip', as almost a quarter of people admit that they become moody (24%) or even angry (19%) about the things which constantly bother them. Additionally, four in ten people specifically mentioned that trying to put up with a slow computer often drove them crazy, with over a third (33%) admitting to shouting at their computer when it frustrates them, and 6% admitting they feel better when they actually hit their computer if it fails to perform as expected.

The UK's aggravations don't stop there, with many also citing the people around them as potential day to day irritations. Nearly one in five (17%) said that their partners drove them to distraction, with neighbours (13%), children (9%), and even pets (4%) all causing those surveyed additional reasons to become less tolerant.

"It's shocking to see just how many simple tasks around the home cause us irritation. Even more shocking is how much they are tolerated, despite many of them being easy to resolve. Life is too short to suffer a slow computer, especially when a performance upgrade can be done in minutes," said Roddy McLean, a computer upgrade expert from McLean continued, "If more people considered resolving these simple issues, rather than putting up with them, there would be less irritation throughout the UK."

According to the survey, incidences of what is being duly dubbed as 'computer rage' (shouting at or hitting a computer) affect 42% of people in the UK, outranking 'street rage' at 30% (getting annoyed due to pushing on public transport or people walking too slowly) and even 'road rage' at 27% (stealing a parking space, driving dangerously).

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The survey, conducted by The Leadership Factor, polled more than 2,000 men and women within the UK on behalf of in March 2013.
* 'Computer rage' was defined as shouting at, or hitting a computer caused by frustration
** 'Street rage' was defined as annoyance and anger caused due to being pushed on public transport or people walking too slowly causing one delays
*** 'Road Rage' was defined as frustration caused by some stealing your parking space or driving dangerously

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