How Many Customers Can You Afford To Lose?

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In today's aggressive market, none. There's competition at every turn, eager to steal your customers. You can't afford to take a chance with your memory supplier. So how do you choose a reliable vendor that won't ship you low-quality memory, then leave you hanging when you have a problem?

Before you select a vendor, make sure your provider meets some important criteria.

Our memory is 100 percent guaranteed to deliver reliable performance and to work in the systems you build, or your money back.

You know it better than anyone. Today's systems require specific memory designed to exacting standards. So how do you know you're getting the best product in the industry — memory that's guaranteed to work in the systems you sell, memory that won't let your customers down?

Crucial Technology is the only memory upgrade supplier that's part of a major DRAM manufacturer, Micron. And as a division of Micron, we know about high-quality memory. Major computer manufacturers look to Micron as a trusted source for memory for original installation for good reason — they know that our memory does more than just meet standard specifications. Our close alliances with chipset and motherboard manufacturers help us ensure system compatibility, as do our own tests on nearly 3,000 motherboards. In addition to our in-house testing, the most stringent in the industry (we test 100 percent of the modules that go out our doors), we also perform both Intel basic and advanced tests. We monitor technical support issues to quickly spot and solve performance trends, as well.

Why do you think major computer manufacturers qualify their DRAM suppliers rather than purchase generic memory modules? Because they know that memory plays a critical role in the overall performance of the systems they build, so critical that they're not willing to risk their reputations on the chance of marginal performance or field failures.

It's true — lower-grade, generic modules will probably work today, but they're more prone to poor performance and failure over time, leaving you to deal with RMAs and robbing you of time, money, and future business. After all, your customers won't tolerate failures. Neither should you.

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Our real-time reseller pricing is aimed at helping your bottom line.

Log into your password-protected account to see up-to-the-minute, reseller-only trade pricing. We offer discounts for frequent and higher-volume purchasers, discounts that you can access online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Once you've logged in with your account profile, you'll be able to use time-saving streamlined online ordering, track your order history, and make changes to your account information.

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We have a track record of product availability and efficient, on-time delivery.

Having the right parts at the right time — it's fundamental to keeping your customers happy. The last thing you want to do is to turn away customers because you can't get them what they need when they need it, because you know that they'll just go somewhere else.

As part of Micron, Crucial has direct access to the parts you need, when you need them. We've got more than 110,000 upgrades for over 20,000 systems, as well as factory-direct availability, even in tight market conditions.

What they're saying about Crucial

"I would like to say that I am continuously amazed whenever I order anything from Crucial. The complete lack of hassle and speed of delivery is fantastic ..."

Paul Davies
Crucial Customer

Need access to the latest memory technologies?

Because we're part of one of the world's largest and most innovative memory manufacturers, we can bring you cutting-edge memory products quickly, like the next-generation DDR2 technology!

Crucial's high level of inventory and shipping control is rare in the memory industry. Not only do we have what you need, we get it to you quickly and safely. Every order is carefully packaged to ensure that your modules arrive in perfect condition, ready to deliver the superior performance your customers demand.

After a multi-step verification process to make sure your order is correct, we ship it by Royal Mail Special Delivery or UPS for quick and safe delivery. This ensures that over 98 percent of our orders will be delivered on the next day to addresses in the Mainland UK, and 98 percent of our orders will arrive at addresses in Europe within two days.

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We provide support when you need it, from people who really do know what they're talking about.

At Crucial, we know that in this competitive industry, when a vendor touts "excellent customer service and support," it has to mean something. It's just not enough to offer vague platitudes and the same promises everyone else is making.

What they're saying about Crucial

"I can honestly say you are (by far) the best computer parts company I have dealt with and I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends."

Mark Smith
Crucial Customer

What constitutes good customer service, and who sets the standards?

At Crucial, our customer service begins the moment you first click on our Web site or talk to a Crucial representative.

Whether you need help before you buy, or you have a memory question after the sale, our highly skilled, highly trained team of customer service representatives and technical support experts are available from 8.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. (GMT) Monday through Friday and on Saturday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 a.m.

Not only do the major computer manufacturers look to us as a trusted source for memory for original installation in their systems, they also trust us to manage their memory upgrade programs, handling their customer support and service. They know that our level of expertise far exceeds the industry standard, right down to the people who answer our phones!

But don't look to us to tell you the definition of good customer service. Ask around. Check out what others are saying about us:

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The Crucial Advantage — Quality, Pricing, Availability, and Support

Don't settle for one or two of the above criteria — your memory supplier should meet them all! After all, if a memory module fails and you lose a customer, there's little consolation in hearing about speedy delivery and short waiting times on free phone technical support lines. And what good is superior quality if you can't get the product in time to keep your customer happy, or if you paid too much for it and couldn't even make a profit on the sale?

As Micron Technology's online distribution outlet, Crucial Technology offers you the convenience of purchasing DRAM without the middleman, at factory-direct prices. Traditional distribution pipelines can take time to fill with the parts you need, slowing your ability to meet fast-changing marketplace opportunities. But Crucial gives you direct access to the industry's highest-quality memory supply — anywhere in the world, anytime, at pricing that makes sense for your bottom line.

Crucial is the only memory upgrade supplier that is part of a major DRAM manufacturer. Backed by 26 years of Micron experience and the expertise of Micron's global team of engineers, we are The Memory ExpertsSM. Major computer manufacturers have long recognized our superior product and use our memory for original installation in their systems.

Choose Crucial as your memory supplier — your customers will thank you!

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