Crucial System Scanner Help

Under normal circumstances, the Crucial System Scanner will work fine for most typical browser settings. However, certain settings may prevent the System Scanner from functioning properly. Please review topics below for answers to your specific problem:

Is the Crucial System Scanner taking too long to show results?
Depending on the speed of your connection to the internet, the Crucial System Scanner should provide results in any where from less than a minute to less than two minutes. If the Crucial System Scanner still hasn't displayed results, this may indicate a problem with your internet connection. Please verify that your internet connection is still working and return to the System Scanner home page and try again.

Have you made changes to Internet Explorer's security settings?
The Crucial System Scanner uses an ActiveX control to scan your computer. If Internet Explorer's security settings have changed, this may prevent the Crucial ActiveX control from running. Resetting Internet Explorer's security settings back to the default setting will allow the System Scanner to run. To do so, simply click on Tools then Internet Options. Next, click on the Security tab.

Internet Explorer security settings

Click Default Level, then click OK. Return to the System Scanner home page and try again.

Are you using Windows XP? If so, have you updated to Service Pack 2?
Service Pack 2 for Windows XP introduces a few key new features for Internet Explorer, including a significant change to the way Internet Explorer handles ActiveX controls, such as the Crucial System Scanner.

To see if you have Service Pack 2 for Windows XP installed, click on Help then About Internet Explorer.

About Internet Explorer Service Pack 2

If you see Update Versions:; SP2;, then you have Service Pack 2 installed.

If you have Service Pack 2 installed...
To improve security, Service Pack 2 has updated how Internet Explorer accepts ActiveX components, such as the Crucial System Scanner. With Service Pack 2, you will now see a prompt at the top of the screen, asking if it is OK to run an ActiveX component, such as the Crucial System Scanner.

ActiveX install

You will need to click this yellow back and follow the instructions in order to allow the Crucial System Scanner to scan your computer and recommend a memory upgrade.

How do I remove the Crucial System Scanner tool from my computer?
There are two ways to remove the System Scanner from your computer.

If you downloaded the tool off the Web site, simply delete the CrucialScan.exe file on your PC or the application file on your Mac.

For Windows users running Internet Explorer 6 or older OS, close out IE, and then follow these steps:

  1. Click start, select �my computer� then select the C: drive.
  2. Find the folder that contains the Windows installation (may be c:\windows, c:\winnt or something else depending on how your computer was configured).
  3. In the windows directory, open the folder for �Downloaded Program Files�
  4. Here, find the file for �Crucial cpcScan�, then delete it.