Upgrading the SSD and memory in your Dell Mini 1012 Netbook

Upgrading the DRAM can be the most effective, affordable way to boost performance. And it's easy to do on your own, believe it or not!

Here's how it's done. First, it's time to ground yourself. (This is essential because static electricity can damage your module and other computer parts.) To make sure you are working in a static-safe environment, briefly touch an unpainted metal part of your computer case. Plant your feet-don't walk around. If you do need to walk around, ground yourself again before touching any of the internal parts of your computer.

After this is done, remove the battery.

Next, you'll access the memory bay. To do this, remove the three screws on the back of the netbook, below the battery compartment. Using a small screwdriver, or straightened paperclip, insert the tip into the hole on the back of the notebook (left side) and gently push the keyboard until it releases. Be careful with the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard as you release the keyboard. Turn the keyboard over and remove the screw from the memory compartment door.

Release the two notches on the sides of the memory module. Remove the module at a 45 degree angle. Replace your new module making sure the alignment notches line up. Insert at a 45 degree angle until the memory is fully seated. Press the module down into place making sure both latches click into place.

To finish up, replace your memory door. Carefully replace the keyboard making sure it clicks into place. Turn the computer over and replace the three screws and the battery and you are done!