Product Returns

Before you return ...

Most of the memory returned to us is not actually defective. These simple troubleshooting solutions help most of our customers solve any problems they may encounter with their Crucial memory. For more help, check out our Crucial Forum.
Note: This form CANNOT be used to return SSDs or any of the following compatible accessory products -- CT2SVD53Z, CTC9P4LPN, CTXHS5JWS, CTL7DEDG6, CTG7YHWVF, CT2E47P7F. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.
Resellers and distribution partners: Resellers and distribution partners must contact their sales representative for refund options. Resellers and distribution partners can use this form for warranty replacements.
Damaged in Shipping?

Types of returns

There are two types of returns -- refunds and warranty replacements. Understanding the type of return you need to make will speed the return process.

Refund requirements: If you purchased your product MORE THAN 45 DAYS AGO, or if you DID NOT PURCHASE THE PRODUCT FROM CRUCIAL.COM, you are only eligible for a warranty replacement.



Qualification Requirements
  • Must be purchased from
  • Must have purchased less than 45 days from inquiry date.
  • Review the terms and conditions of sale for further details.

If purchased more than 45 days ago...
The product cannot be returned for a refund. If there is a problem with your part, please follow our warranty replacements process on this page.

If purchased from one of our partner resellers less than
45 days ago...

please contact the store where you purchased your item.

If purchased from less than 45 days ago...
please request a return material authorization (RMA) number before sending your product back. An RMA number allows us to process your return quickly.

Amazon customers: If you purchased your product through Amazon, please call Customer Service to request an RMA number.

Request RMA Number

Warranty Replacements

Qualification Requirements

If you believe your Crucial product is defective ...
we want to remedy the situation. Please request a return material authorization (RMA) number before sending your product back. An RMA number allows us to process your return quickly.

Request RMA Number


What else do I need to know about making a return?

All returns will be treated on a wait-to-receive basis.
Crucial will issue your refund or replacement within 7-10 days after we receive your returned product along with your authorized RMA number

  • If you are returning a multi-piece kit, you will need to send all the parts.
  • When returning any non-DRAM item (SSD, flash drive, or card reader), return all accessories (such as cables, manuals, or CDs) that shipped with the product. If any accessories are missing, a restocking fee may be deducted from your refund.
  • Products that have been modified are not covered by our limited warranty.
  • Crucial reserves the right to charge a restocking fee (up to 20 percent) at our discretion.
  • Please retain all shipping information, including tracking numbers, until your account or original credit card has been credited by Crucial or until you receive the replacement product.