Committed to Quality

Our reputation depends upon it.
At Crucial, our standards are higher than many of our competitors. To us, quality isn't a cost; it's a savings. In fact, much of our success is due to our long-standing commitment to quality.

When you buy from Crucial, you're buying premium quality memory direct. You know that we'll be here to back our products with expert technical support and proven customer service. And we're proud of it.

We invite you to compare us to our competitors. Look at our warranty, our reputation as one of the largest DRAM manufacturers in the world, the quality of the product we provide, the number of engineers and technicians we have to help you, and our ability to consistently provide parts.

Crucial can provide you with memory that gives you the lowest overall cost of ownership - low price and high quality. And we guarantee that our memory will be 100% compatible with your system.

However, we won't guarantee that you'll be sleeping nights. We've heard stories that people stay up late logged onto their "Crucial-upgraded" faster running PCs.