Beyond DRAM

Who assembled your memory module?
Micron is one of the very few companies in the world that actually makes memory modules from start to finish — that is, manufactures the memory chips then mounts them to printed circuit boards (PCBs). Other companies claim to be memory manufacturers, but the truth is, they just buy the parts from a manufacturer like Micron then assemble them into modules. Either way, whatever company assembles your memory module has control over three very important factors contributing to quality.
  • The PCB
  • The module assembly
  • The module test processes

The Printed Circuit Board

The PCB enables your computer to access its memory. It contains layers of circuitry used to connect the components to the outside. As you would expect, it also plays a critical role in quality. This is especially true at higher densities and speeds.

Just like DRAM, the PCB must meet strict requirements to be called PC3200 or PC2700. (See Is your PC100 up to Spec?) Most large computer manufacturers require every PCB design they use to be qualified.

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