Comparing DRAM...why not buy the cheapest?

For good reason. Not all memory is created equal.
There are many fast food chains that sell cheeseburgers. Even though it's just a cheeseburger everyone makes it a little differently.

Manufacturing DRAM is similar. An 8Mb x 8 chip from Micron or any other DRAM manufacturer will give you the same amount of memory, but each manufacturer's parts will have slight differences in some critical parameters. In other words, there are differences between "identical" DRAMs.

Still not convinced? Why do you think major PC manufacturers qualify DRAM suppliers rather than purchase generic memory modules? It's because memory plays a critical role in the overall performance of the systems they build.

Let's face it. It doesn't matter if you're using a computer to surf at home or to work in the Space Shuttle. You're not going to tolerate failures. Shouldn't you expect the same level of performance from your memory supplier?

So which memory supplier is right for you? To answer that question, there are two things to consider:

  1. Who made the chips?
  2. Who assembled the module?

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