How to Find Compatible Memory for Your Mac System

It's easy to find compatible memory for your Mac system on — simply use our Crucial Mac System Scanner. Our tool examines your Mac's hardware to identify its make, model, memory capacity, and memory density and speed, then provides a list of guaranteed-compatible upgrades that will work best with its specifications.*

The reason our tool examines nearly every aspect of your memory is that Mac computers often have very specific memory requirements, including particular component densities, speeds, and SPD programming specifications. Our Crucial Mac System Scanner takes these nuances into account and only recommends best-fit upgrades for your system. For over a decade we've manufactured Mac-compatible memory and our Crucial Mac System Scanner has accurately identified thousands of memory upgrades for Mac users everywhere.

Not only is our memory guaranteed-compatible when you use our Crucial Mac System Scanner and order on, but it's often more affordable (and just as effective) as memory supplied by the system manufacturer. Did we mention our limited lifetime warranty?


*Upgrades are guaranteed-compatible when ordered on using the Crucial Mac System Scanner or Crucial Advisor tool — or your money back