Wondering what to do with all that OLD memory?

SAVE with Crucial's buy-back program!

Your company or department is planning to upgrade the memory in your I.T. systems, but what will you do with all that old RAM you're replacing? Before you toss the old memory in the trash or stick it in your storage room to collect dust, consider selling it. That's right — "trading in" the old memory you thought was worthless can save you money on the cost of purchasing new RAM from Crucial!

What is the buy-back program?

  • Crucial NEVER resells returned memory modules as Crucial parts.
  • Before you can participate, you need to set up a net-30-days credit account with Crucial Technology.
  • You must be trading in AND buying a minimum of 10 modules.
  • The trade-in modules do NOT have to be the same type as the new modules you wish to purchase. (For example, you can purchase DDR DRAM modules and return SDR DRAM.)
  • These types of modules are generally accepted for buy-back (subject to change): SIMMs (EDO and FPM), DIMMs (EDO, SDR, and DDR), and SODIMMs (SDR and DDR).
  • Trade-in modules that test as WORKING are applied as a credit on your next purchase. The amount of credit per module varies, depending on the module type and number of megabytes. The value of the trade-in memory cannot exceed the value of the new purchase. (No cash rebates.)
  • All accepted buy-backs are final, and buy-back parts become the property of the third-party buyer.
  • Note: The buy-back program is not available to VAR customers, VAD customers, and other reseller customers. (However, if you are an end consumer buying modules through a VAR, VAD, or other reseller, in most cases the reseller you are buying from can credit your account.)

How does the buy-back process work?

  1. Get a quote: Contact us for a quote on the 10 or more memory modules you plan to trade in. (You can get a quote before you order, but you must place an order before you can get credit for a return.)
  2. Place your order: Place an order for at least 10 memory modules.
  3. Send in your RAM: We'll send you an authorization number and shipping instructions, and then you send the memory you're replacing to the address we specify. Return your parts within 30 days to receive the price you were quoted. (Please note that you are responsible for shipping, insuring, and tracking trade-in parts.)
  4. Get credit: After your used RAM is tested and confirmed as working, we'll credit your account for the amount of the return.

For more details on our buy-back program, please contact your Crucial sales representative at 1-888-363-4167 (U.S. and Canada only) or 208-363-5790.