The Best Memory for Macs

  1. Mac Compatibility. Fully compatible with all modern Macs: iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini. For older Mac systems, we offer a wide range of legacy modules.

  2. Mac Specs. Engineered to meet the unique component densities, speeds, and SPD programming specifications of Mac systems.

  3. Mac Performance. Designed to increase Mac system performance.

  4. Mac Selection. Available in DDR2 and DDR3 SODIMMs in capacities up to 8GB.

  5. Mac Sustainability. Lead and halogen-free technology on DDR3 modules.

  6. Mac Reliability. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and many years of Crucial manufacturing for Mac systems.

  7. Mac Assurance. Every module tested at the component level for voltage and temperature resistances, signal integrity, and software compatibility. If it doesn't pass our stringent tests, then it doesn't leave our doors.

  8. Mac Support. Our team of memory and storage experts love Mac systems, and we provide relatable, friendly, and free tech support for all Crucial Memory for Mac products.

At, you'll find step-by-step install guides for more than 70 different Mac systems. A memory upgrade is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade your Mac computer. To find compatible upgrades for your system, use one of our award-winning tools below. If you order on using our compatibility tools, we guarantee compatibility — or your money back!

How to Quickly Find Compatible Memory for Your Mac

Use our Crucial Advisor tool if you're familiar with your Mac computer's hardware, and would like a list of compatible upgrades for your system's make and model.

Use our Crucial Mac System Scanner if you want to learn more about the memory that's currently installed in your system and get a list of compatible, recommended upgrades that will work best with your system's specs. Our scanner tool examines your system's hardware to identify its make, model, memory capacity, memory speed and density, then recommends memory that will work best with your exact system.

When you order on and use either compatibility tool, we guarantee compatibility — or your money back!