EDO Upgrade for the Gateway Destination D5-100 Desktop/PC

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device type: desktop

Your Destination D5-100 System Specs

System specs as shipped by the manufacturer.
Scan your system to view your specific system configuration.



Memory Type: EDO, EDO (non-ECC)
Maximum Memory: 128MB
Slots: 4

If you are unsure about your systems configuration please contact technical support.Installed in pairs of modules.

How much memory your Windows OS will recognize depends on which version of Windows you are running. 32-bit versions of Windows will see (and utilize) only 3GB or 3.5GB. To utilize more memory, install a 64-bit version of your OS. More information about OS memory maximums can be found here.

Memory or DRAM is the "working" memory of the computer. It's used to store data for programs (sequences of instructions) on a temporary basis.

video - installing memory

32MB, 72-pin SIMM, EDO memory module

32MB, 72-pin SIMM, EDO memory module
Part Number: CT131650
  • Module Size: 32MB
  • Package: 72-pin SIMM
  • Feature: EDO
  • Specs: EDO • Non-parity • 60ns • 5V • 8Meg x 32 •
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