The specs for your DDR2 Ballistix products have two values listed. One is a "validated" value, while the other is an "SPD" value. Why are these different?

The memory timings listed as the validated values are the timings that we actually test our Ballistix products to. The timings listed as SPD settings are the values that are programmed into the module's SPD. Your system's BIOS will often use these values as the default for your memory settings.
The timing values in the SPD are not set as aggressively as the ones used in our test flow because many systems are not capable of running at these tighter timing settings. By programming less aggressive values into the SPD, we are able to maximize the number of platforms that DDR2 Ballistix products will work with right out of the box.
To operate at the published validated timing specifications, you may need to manually set these parameters in your BIOS. Consult your motherboard manufacturer's documentation for detailed information on how to change these settings.

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