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How does your Module Buy Back Program work?

Through a third-party buyer, we offer a module buy-back program that allows you to trade in a minimum of 10 old working modules for a credit on your next Crucial memory purchase of 10 or more modules.

  • The trade-in modules do not have to be the same type as the new modules. (For example, purchase DDR DRAM modules and return SDR DRAM.)

  • The third-party buyer generally accepts these types of modules for buy-back: SIMMs (EDO and FPM), DIMMs (EDO, SDR, and DDR), and SODIMMs (SDR and DDR).

  • Modules that test as WORKING are applied as a credit on your next purchase. The amount of credit per module varies, depending on the module type and number of megabytes. The value of the trade-in memory cannot exceed the value of the new purchase. (No cash rebates.)

  • The returned parts become property of the third-party buyer and will NEVER be resold as Crucial parts.

For more details on our buy-back program, please contact your sales representative at 1-888-363-4167 (U.S. and Canada only) or 208-363-5790 or see our buy-back program page.

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