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Light up.

Are you ready to shed some light on your computer?

Play with even more bling — customized by you. The Ballistix Smart Tracer features activity-indicating LEDs on the top edge and ground-effect LEDs along the bottom.

These Smart Tracer modules are available in either Blue/Orange or Red/Green LED color combinations that you can manipulate in real time, switching up the color options. In addition, select from four different LED patterns, adjust brightness, or turn the LEDs on/off. All of this can be done on-the-fly! Turn on the lights — and turn up your performance — with Ballistix Smart Tracer memory.

Add to it the downloadable MOD utility, and you get the real-time temperature monitoring — and more!


Cool your jets.

Are you ready for the performance memory with the cool factor?

The Ballistix™ finned module features a sleek finned design with thermal sensor — and our downloadable utility provides real time temperature monitoring. That means you can keep tabs on your high-performance memory while you play.

Ideal for the latest platforms and operating systems, Ballistix features a heat spreader design resulting in up to 30% better performance in heat dissipation over its predecessors. These performance memory upgrades support the latest Intel® Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 processors on the Intel® chipsets supporting XMP making setup a breeze. That means you can keep your gaming hot — and your PC cool — with the latest Ballistix performance memory.