DDR3 Memory from Crucial

DDR3 is the latest-generation memory option for high-performance CPU systems.

DDR3 Crucial Memory Advisor™ tool

The Crucial Memory Advisor™ tool is a quick, 3-step process to find guaranteed-compatible DDR3 memory for available computers and motherboards.

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Step 3 —    DDR3 Memory Configurator


FAQs — DDR3 Memory

Is it compatible?

Why Crucial?

The next generation of memory: DDR3

This technology, the successor to DDR and DDR2, delivers higher speeds, larger densities, and lower power consumption. That means it’s arguably the best memory available to run gaming programs, multimedia work, and other demanding applications.  DDR3 will meet needs for increased performance, richer content and increased battery life.

  • Performance and Scalability
  • Lower Power Architecture
  • Higher Capacities
  • Higher speeds
  • Designed to run high demand, media-rich applications

Gaming Memory - Ballistix
Gaming Memory

Crucial Ballistix™ and Ballistix Tracer™ products are all about the game, serving up faster speeds and lower latencies to enthusiasts everywhere. Our DDR3 memory is perfect for gamers wanting to take advantage of the latest technology.
Learn more about Crucial Ballistix gaming memory.

Notebook Memory - SODIMM
Notebook Memory

Notebook users are all about mobility—and that’s why we offer DDR3 modules for notebooks. Increase productivity on the road or in the office with a DDR3 upgrade.

Desktop Memory - DIMM
Desktop Memory

We’ve got DDR3 options for high-performance CPU systems. If you count on your desktop for multitasking, multimedia, or demanding applications, Crucial is the first name in DDR3 upgrades.

Server Memory - ECC DIMM
Server Memory

Crucial DDR3 memory for servers and workstations is tested, qualified, and guaranteed-compatible. Get the power, reliability, and stability you want in the densities you need, as we offer compatible memory options for many platforms and operating systems.
Learn more about Crucial server memory.