Lou Ferrigno Calls Upon Americans to Get Tough On Their Computers

Crucial.com and Tough Guy Lou Ferrigno Invite Frustrated Computer Users to "Roar" at Their Screens to Compete to Win a Grand Prize of $5,000

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Boise, Idaho, June 07, 2013 � Determined to put an end to the seemingly endless cycle of computer frustration and anxiety that plagues the everyday lives of so many Americans, Crucial.com has joined forces with bona fide tough guy and recovering frustrated computer user, Lou Ferrigno, to help Americans get tougher on their computers this summer.

Beginning June 7, 2013 through August 16, 2013, all frustrated computer users are invited to visit toughoncomputers.com and submit a short video, 30 seconds or less, depicting their most fearsome, frustration-filled, computer-induced roar. A five-person judging panel including marketing professionals, judges from Crucial.com, and Lou Ferrigno himself will carefully review all video submissions according to the following criteria: volume, enthusiasm, as well as perceived distress, frustration, anxiety, irritation, and overall hopelessness.  The entry with the most frightening computer-induced roar as determined by Lou and the other judges will be awarded $5,000.  The judges will select two runners-up who will each receive a complimentary computer memory upgrade courtesy of Crucial.com, with a retail value up to $200.  The winners must sign a release to allow Crucial.com to publicly display the winning videos online.  No purchase is necessary to enter.

"Computers can bully us. A slow and unreliable system will bring even the toughest soul to their knees as they find themselves completely defenseless against the erratic whims of their rogue machine," said Lou Ferrigno. "As a recovering frustrated computer user myself, I have seen computers cause much agony and pain, and it's about time for all Americans to stop being victimized by their computers."

Think you've got the nation's most frightening computer-induced roar of frustration? Visit ToughOnComputers.com and submit a 30-seconds or less video that shows Lou just how frustrated you are at your computer by using your loudest, most fearsome, spine-tingling roar. Also, be sure to check out how an experienced "roarer" like Lou Ferrigno overcame his computer frustrations.

"It is absolutely stunning how many of us find ourselves completely at the mercy of an underperforming computer.  We place an enormous amount of trust in our computers both at work and at home, and when they fail to deliver, the feelings of helplessness, panic and frustration are so deeply maddening that we often have no other recourse but to let it all out from the bottom of our lungs," said Roddy McLean, Crucial.com e-Commerce Marketing Manager. "Amazingly, a lot of the common computer problems that cause great amounts of frustration are simply due to insufficient system memory and can be quickly and easily fixed with a do-it-yourself memory upgrade. It really is about time that we take control and show our computers who's boss here."

Visit ToughOnComputers.com to enter the contest and for more information including official contest rules.

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